Monday, June 1, 2009

I will be using my original blog to update 365. Thanks Ryan for linking that up.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 7

Monday, March 9: My desk...notice that it isn't really THAT messy...I TRY to keep it that way :)

Tuesday, March 10th: Tonight was Open House at my school!

Wednesday, March 11th: I thought that I would use Open House as a graphing opportunity.

Thursday, March 12th: Goodbye sunny warm weather...hello cold and rainy!

Friday, March 13th: This is what Jonathan bought for $150 and we are supposed to sell it tonight :)

Saturday, March 14th: Yes, Jonathan, we are going into Joann's and then it's off to the Teacher store.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 6

3-2-2009 Monday: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. Bakerella makes the best stuff!!

3-3-2009 Tuesday: I'll be doing some reading today as I administer TAKS to a fourth grader.

3-4-2009 Wednesday: This email told me that my friend earned his McDonald's today.

3-5-2009 Thursday: We FINALLY got our money for a rent car and to fix poor little Toaster car

3-6-2009 Friday: I have a super awesome husband who has helped out a LOT this week and I made him these super awesome brownies...along with a ribeye and baked potato.

3-7-2009 The dogs decided to have a field day with the trash.

3-8-2009 Sunday: We went to Maggiano's for lunch and Faith is so serious when taking pictures.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week 5

2-23-09 Monday: These are the best girl scout cookies ever...can I get an AMEN? Sorry, J, I gave most of them out to my class so I wouldn't eat them. I could not trust myself alone with the delicious goodness :)

2-24-09 Tuesday: I don't remember exactly why, but today was a 2 Diet Coke day.

2-25-09 Wednesday: We love playing some tetris. Notice Jonathan won :(

2-26-09 Thursday: I asked Jonathan to wake Faith up, which he did, but when she went to breakfast, he laid down in her bed and fell back asleep.

2-27-09 Friday: My class was learning about the digestive system and the last fact was a hoot!

2-28-09 Saturday: Don't get too high's only a scented dry erase marker :)

3-1-09 Sunday: My funny husband helping out with our large group story by doing what he does best...being silly :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week 4

2-16-09 Monday- This is the Valentine's Day card Jonathan got me...I know it says Birthday but it's a pug so who cares? You open it up and you hear a dog's too stinkin' cute!!

2-17-09 Did you know that the end of the flag is a cone? My class went around and took pictures of real 3D objects

2-18-09 Wednesday- TAKS training Part I. I may be needed to administer it wrong to say I am a little excited?

2-19-09 Thursday- Look! I left before's a MIRACLE!!!

2-20-09 Friday- Today was this little girl's last day...this is from the First Day of School because my camera died. I will miss her sweet smile everyday! She is going to ....Irving ISD...where I first taught.

2-21-09 Saturday- Brooke and I planned a party to celebrate her birthday and Jonathan's. It was a Wii Bowling party...visit my other blog to see and hear the details.

2-22-09 Sunday- Well, I woke up this morning not being able to breath out my nose and had a migraine. These are the wonderful things that made me feel better at 4:00 p.m. (Yes, it took THAT long for me to feel decent).

Week 3

2-10-09 Monday- I decided that Caitlyn and I needed to stop and get a beverage. My Route 44 Diet Coke was yummy!

2-11-09 Tuesday- My BFF got hired in Dallas ISD to teach kindergarten so we all went to celebrate!! :)

2-11-09 Wednesday- So, I get a little paranoid...okay a lot paranoid...and I had swelling behind my ear...even went to the school nurse because I thought it was serious. There was just drainage behind my ear drum OR my lymph node was fighting off strep...who knows...but I had my Wal-Phed anyway :)

2-12-09 Thursday- So...on the way to pick up Faith (and get Mrs. Dophied a VDay gift) a Jeep Cherokee decided to go all the way across Eldorado and fail to see our cute Toaster. Today...Caitlyn and I got into a wreck.

2-13-09 Friday- We had tickets to the Myerson, but little did Jonathan know my second surprise was a night at the super hip Aloft hotel in Frisco (more pics to come on my other blog because it was too cool not to share).

2-14-09 Saturday- After a long day, Faith played "waitress" and was telling us the specials of the evening.

2-15-09 Sunday- We drove up to Bonham to have a picnic on the farm...little did we realize how super cold it was. Funny thing was Grampa leading us through sticky trees :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 2

2-1-09 We can't take him anywhere. Jonathan decided to be difficult and order steak medium he got his own special steak at Maggiano's and he thought he was somethin' special. This is his "snooty nose" face...I think it looks like he smelled something bad, personally :)

2-2-09 Yes, this is what happens when you decide Friday afternoon to just "leave everything" and go home. I came back to find my big ol' mess on a table :)

2-3-09 Trying to find a oatmeal that isn't a lot of points, I took a co workers advice to try Quaker Weight Smart Maple Sugar was nasty to me...if you know me, you know I'm picky!

2-4-09 This is the Chick Fil-A cow that our class gets to keep until he moves on to the next class who had the biggest turnout at Chick Fil-A night...hopefully, we win again and he stays :)

2-5-09 Jonathan came home from work and the girls were still awake, so he decided he would read them both a story before we got ready for bed.

2-6-09 Faith had pajama day at school. She told me the whole class got to wear pj's except for one girl who was naughty :(

2-7-09 Faith was supposed to spend the night with her friend, Liz, at Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Brooke's house...until she came down with a fever and sore throat. She said "I only need a little sleep, Mommy"

2-8-09 Snickers is our newest addition to our family. He is a mix between Chloe and Tramp :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Week 1

Sunday 1-25-2009: Here is my first attempt to begin making "cuppiecakes" from

Monday 1-26-2009: Jonathan was supposed to go to a work related meeting. When it got cancelled, he relaxed with a crossword puzzle...and Snickers cuddled up, too.

Tuesday 1-27-2009: After McKinney schools decided to close at 3, Jonathan talked his manager into being closed that evening due to ice.

Wednesday 1-28-2009: School is officially closed due to the ice we got last night. We heard it pelting our window!

Thursday 1-29-2009: The girls decide that Snickers needs a bath as well.

Friday 1-30-2009: I'm supposed to tutor on Friday mornings. I walked out to find ice on the ol' windshield. Yeah me!

Saturday 1-31-2009: "To be bad or not to be bad...that is the question". I could not decide if I wanted to finish off my pizza from last night or eat my healthy lunch. I chose to be be BBBAAADDD!!!